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     This is a technique which I have seen a couple times before, but I believe it originated in "The Death Dealer's Manual", (Bradley J. Steiner, Paladin Press ISBN 0-87364-247-3). At any rate, I will describe the procedure here an add my own insights into the manufacture of this substance.

     Nicotine is one of the world's deadliest poisons. Fortunately, it is also incredibly simple to make and employ.


  1. Bag of Chewing Tobacco (see note)
  2. Glass jars/bottles (Plastic will work too)
  3. A bandanna/handkerchief



  1. Put a wad of chew in one jar (or bottle as the case may be) and add just enough water to cover it.

  2. Cap the jar, shake it a couple times, and let sit overnight.

  3. In the morning, open the jar and place the bandanna over the mouth. Holding on to the bandanna as well as the jar, dump the contents into the other jar. The liquid will pass through the bandanna, and the wad will sit there.

  4. Seperate the jar and the bandanna and squeeze the rest of the ball of chew through the bandanna to strain out the remaining liquid in the second jar.

  5. Discard the bandanna (with the ball of chew), first jar, and the gloves.

  6. You now have a jar containing nothing but nasty brown liquid.

  7. Sit this jar in the sun for several hours, or even all day if neccesary. Over time, the water will evaporate out and the liquid will become more viscous.

  8. When it is at a consistancy a little thinner than maple syrup, put it in a container (or use the jar you have) and store.


     Needlessto say, I've never actually used this, though I have plenty. I did touch some by accident once, though. Just through skin contact, I got very lightheaded and confused for several minutes. DO NOT USE THIS POISON FOR THAT PURPOSE. It was an accident that I did it, and had I recieved too much, I could have died or required hospitalization. This stuff is dangerous, so be careful. Also remember to dispose of any materials that come in contact with the tobacco or finished syrup.

--Textfile By: Captain Hack

--Edited By: RedRose